Use of smart phone among diabetes patients- a survey from central india

Parth Agrawal

With the advancement in technology, the use of smart phone has increased drastically in routine work. Hundred randomly chosen participants attending OPD at Diabetes, Obesity, & Thyroid Centre, Gwalior completed a questionnaire survey containing 15 questions related to socio-demographic characteristics and health status from December 2016 to May 2017.Participants were on average 34 years of age. 52% of them were females, 46% had at most 12th-grade education, and 33% were housewives. 56% of the participants owned a smart phone. Young age, male gender, and high literacy positively correlated to smart phone ownership. About 80% of the diabetic patients with smartphones were using their phone to access healthcare. 82% were finding smartphone a useful tool in managing their diabetes. Smart phones have high incursion among diabetes patients, those who are younger, more educated and those who have good health status.

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Health science
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Parth Agrawal, 2017., Use of smart phone among diabetes patients- a survey from central india, International Journal of Current Science and Technology, Vol.5, Issue, 8, pp. 494-495