The swiss ball chair

Aanchal Sarawgi and Suvarna S. Ganvir

Flat benches or chairs used in offices and schools are very tedious to sit on for long hours. It weakens the spine and hence brings variation on our posture that can cause muscle weakness or back pains in future. Whereas swiss ball helps to maintain our posture better and due to frequent change in positions it reduces damage caused by prolonged sitting in one position. Sitting on unstable surface all day improves sense of balance, as well as reaction of muscles; it also strengthens our abdominal muscles. Investigations proved that it improves posture, balance and concentration. But sitting on swiss ball whole day would have again been difficult; hence swiss ball chair was invented for stable support that can be used professionally for better ergometrics. Methodology: The swiss ball chair was designed which was made up of steel and the seat was molded in a way to fit in swiss ball and give a low back support. It had got wheels for mobilization if needed and stoppers for stability. A swiss ball was fitted in the seat. Result: Compared to flat bench it was observed that the altered Forward neck position was seen in less than 55% of the subjects, Kyphosis in less than 50%, Lordosis: was normal in 100% of the subjects, Anterior pelvic tilt was absent in 100%, Pelvic obliquity was absent 100%. 100% subjects felt that the concentration increased & 90% of the subjects felt that it was more comfortable in long turn. All the findings are concluded according to patient’s response.

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Aanchal Sarawgi and Suvarna S. Ganvir, 2017. The swiss ball chair, International Journal of Current Science and Technology, Vol.5, Issue, 10, pp. 517-519