Security in ad hoc wireless networks

Douglas Omwenga Nyabuga., Zhao Chen., Guohua Liu and Ting Lu

Ad Hoc wireless networks is a wireless type of network connection which is established without a central device as a router but on a flexible and dynamic infrastructure. Usually the users are very comfortable in using a secure system. Due to flexibility and dynamic features of this network it’s therefore vulnerable to various attacks; the signal strength is too weak and it isnot easy to monitor the transmission of data from the source to the destination and vice versa. This study is aimed at looking various methods that have been used to address the issues with security threats in big data collected from the network, the design vulnerability of ad hoc wireless networks and propose the best real time metrics and algorithms for data encryption to prevent attackers from accessing the data on transmission; strong communication rules a need to control and check the unwanted or unauthorized access to the backhaul of the network and thus protect the network from IP spoofing and denial of services.

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Computer Science and Technology
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Douglas Omwenga Nyabuga et al, 2017. Security in ad hoc wireless networks, International Journal of Current Science and Technology, Vol.5, Issue, 4, pp. 385-389