Needs and expectations of mentorship programme in medical colleges: view points of some undergraduate medical students

Padhy Gouri kumari ., D’Cruz Deula Candida., Vinod Ashwin P., Sarnaik Gaurav Shridhar Raghavendra., Nair Anjana S and Makda Mustafa

Introduction- National doctors’ day is celebrated on 1st of July every year in India, medical colleges conduct various activities to sensitize budding medicos regarding diverse issues related to medical professions. An essay competition was organized in our institution to know the viewpoint of undergraduate medical students regarding needs and expectations of mentorship programme in medical colleges.

Method- Contents analysis was used to analyze data related to the viewpoints given by students through essays.

Result- Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Medical students need support and guidance of a mentor during their student hood period to handle difficulties related to academic and non-academic activity of their life. A mentor has the responsibility of nurturing, counseling, showing, guiding, helping, supporting, advising, empathizing, monitoring, accompanying, motivating and catalyzing. A mentee is also supposed to reciprocate and take initiative in establishing and maintaining mentor mentee relationship. Faculty members, senior students, or senior residents of the same institution can act as a mentor. A successful mentorship programme will lead to decreased incidence of failure rate, substance abuse, mental illnesses and suicidal attempts among medical students.

Conclusion- Mentorship programmes in medical colleges are the need of the hour in India. This drive has the power to build the character of medical students. Not only is it advantageous to the mentee’s student life, but also it is beneficial to the society by providing improved care by quality doctors.

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Padhy Gouri kumari et al, 2017, Needs and expectations of mentorship programme in medical colleges: view points of some undergraduate medical students, International Journal of Current Science and Technology, Vol.5, Issue, 4, pp.409-412