Current Issue

  • Plantlet production through development of cormlet from bract meristem of four diploid banana cultivars from south india
    Smitha P D Binoy K R and Ashalatha S Nair
  • Mitigation of early blight of tomato by the intervention of fungal and bacterial bioagents
    Bellishree, K. Girija Ganeshan, Ramachandra, Y.L. Archana, S Rao and Chethana, B.S
  • A study of working capital management, undergone at reddy’s polymers processing ltd., hyderabad india
    Muni hari krishna. R
  • Challenges and coping mechanisms of nurses working in intensive units of selected hospitals in addis ababa-ethiopia
    Amare Tarekegn, Alemneh Kabeta, Sailaja Busi and Agezegn Asegid
  • Effect of ciprofloxacin on certain biochemical parameters in the testis of albino rats
    Arunanbalahan, C., Balamurugan, K and Vanithakumari, G
    01 - 06
  • The relativistic quantized corrections of dynamic electron e/m ratio
    Faisal A. Mustafa
    2 1 - 26
  • Studies on antibacterial activity and preliminary phytochemical analysis of Aegle marmelos.L., (Beal.)
    Periannan.U And Prabakaran.G
  • Mosquito adulticidal activity of coccinia indica wight and arn. (family: cucurbitaceae) against culex quinquefasciatus say (diptera: culicidae)
    Rajamohan Sivakumar and Marimuthu Govindarajan
    004 -008
  • Phytochemical analysis and antibacterial activity of cardiospermum halicacabum linn
    Vinoth. B and Manivasagaperumal, R
    009 - 012
  • Larvicidal efficacy of cassia fistula linn .flower extract against aedes aegypti (diptera:culicidae)
    Ramya.A Govindarajan.M Sivakumar.R Rajeswary.M Yogalakshmi.K and Veerakumar.K
    013 -016
  • Extended modified inverse distance method for interpolation
    Nafise Seyyednezhad Golkhatmi, Seyed Hosein Sanaeinejad, Bijan Ghahraman, Hojat Rezaee Pazhand