Current Issue

  • Particle swarm optimization of power quality improvement in micro grid operation
    Rajesh Reddy D and Veera Sudarasana Reddy R
  • Multiplex real-time pcr and blood-culture for diagnosis of sepsis
    Elena Trajkovska-Dokic, Gordana Mircevska, Zaklina Cekovska, Ana Kaftandzieva, Mihajlo Kostovski, Aspazija Sofijanova, Milena Petrovska, and Nikola Panovski
  • Effect of ca × pb intraction on carrot (daucus carota l.)
    Dinesh Mani, Prashant Kumar Singh and Vishv Kumar Mourya
  • Economic analysis and carcasses quality naked neck chicken fed foliage shrubs
    A Díaz Castillo, S M Herrera Gallo, T Solís Barros, I Espinosa Guerra, Muñoz Rodríguez G and Romero Romero J
  • Ethanol production from mahua flower (madhuca longifolia) using yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Azra Kamal
  • Effect of concentration of nicl2 on morphology of nio thin films prepared by using spray pyrolysis technique
    Gavale H.S, Wagh M.S, Patil A.M
  • Influence of selected factors on university students’ perception of marriage life at egerton university, njoro campus, kenya
    Omondi W. ALICE and Kamonjo W. Florence
  • Determination of bioactive components of blechnum orientale l. whole plant by using gc-ms analysis
    Manisha Kale and Kanchan Dubal
  • Selection and precised application of prominent parameters of laser beam for material processing
    Jayanthi A and Suresh Kumar K
  • The investigation of bacterial degradation of crude oil by gravimetric analysis
    Nwakanma C and Obih E.C
  • Quantum dots in cancer therapy
    Kanav Midha, Shipra Kalra and Manju Nagpal
  • Effect of flowmeter assembly configuration on the accuracy of ultrasonic flow meter using pre-calibrated turbine meter
    Mbah E.O, Ohia P.N and Ikpeka P. M
  • Biosensor general principles and applications a review
    Swapna G, Ajaysushanth K., Erfana Begum P., Chandrakiran P and Bharat M
  • Motivational climate in jharkhand department of agriculture
    Choudhary Jatashankar, Jain P.K., Singh Ratan R.P., Jha B.K and Sarkar P.K
  • Thermal characterization of al 384.1 alloy by differential scanning calorimetry
    Hartaj Singh, Dharampal Singh, Arvind Kumar Chauhan, Vishal Singh
  • Characterization of frp composite materials
    Veera Sudarsana Reddy R
  • Ethno-medico-botanical study on acrostichum aureum l. of south western ghats
    Manisha Kale
  • Distribution of sediment particles under the effect of the strong wave-induced motion
    Muhammed E. Akiner
  • Evaluation of bone healing after er, cr: ysgg laser osteotomy: an experimental study in rabbits
    Wael Sheet Shallawy, Atta Fathy Rejab and Roaa Layth Al-Healy
  • Macro and micro propagation of holostemma ada-kodien
    Jaya Chandra K, Adilakshmi D, Bebi P and Daniel Gnana Sagar
  • Difference in fresh weight/dry weight of vigna radiata (l.) r.wilczek in the selected tree canopy soil related with urban greening in nirmala college campus, coimbatore, tamilnadu, south india
    Arul Sheeba Rani. M and Mary Josephine R
  • Phytoremediation: accumulation of cadmium by native plants
    Jameer Ahammad S, Sumithra S Senthil Kumar P and Yamuna R.T
  • Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (wmsds): a reference document for prevention for users of office furniture in ghana
    Adu Sylvia and Adu George
  • Effects of forsus appliance-a case report
    Eshan Awasthi, Sunita Shrivastav , Narendra Sharma and Abhilasha Goyal
  • Efficacy of 5% w/v sustained-release metronidazole gel preparation against enterococcus faecalis in necrotic tooth - randomized clinical trail
    Raghavendra Shanbhog, Nandlal B. and Bhangdia Mohit
  • Assessment of the government’s measures to checkmate fake and counterfeit antibiotics and antimalaria drugs in ibadan, nigeria
    Dr. Tijani W. Adelani, Oluyedun H. A, Dr. Olubiyi Simeon Kayode, Imam Abubakar Ayinla, Ibraheem Mulikat Ayoade and Sanusi Rahmat Adejumoke
  • Labour migration in andhra pradesh – a journey from rural to urban
    Narasimham S and Bhairavamurthy S
  • A rare case of squamous cell carcinoma of scrotum with distant metastasis
    Dr. Shreyas Somnath MS ., Dr. Sanjay M. Desai MCh ., Dr. Suvadip ChakrabartiMS and Dr.Sanjay Sharma MS
  • Assessment of challenges and opportunities of traditional camel calf management practices in fafen zone, somali regional state, ethiopia
    Awoke K., Seid Mohamed Ali and Mohamed Hussein
  • Ethno medicinal value of hibiscus hispidissimus : a review
    Thamizh Selvam N, Surabhi KR and Swami GK