Current Issue

  • Production of bioethanol from water hyacinth by isolated thermotolerant bacteria
    Gunja., Gupta Vipin., Jain Priyanka., Sharma Chandra Kant., Dixit A.K and Jain R.K
  • Design and construction of low-cost raised-bed drainage lysimeter for crop-water relations and hydrological studies
    Ali M. H and Rahman M. A
  • Performance and emission chareceterisitics of ci di diesel engine with re entrant bowl piston
    Balasubramanian K., Abinaya L and Niranjhani Sri M
  • Impact of whatsapp on academic activities of basic and applied science students in college of applied and basic science, madhav university, pindwada
    Rajni Jain and Sujeet Jain
  • Modernization of higher education libraries in j&k: an empirical study of govt college for women nawakadal, srinagar college library
    Asmat Ali and Audil Hussain
  • Triple domination in graphs
    Murugaiyan P., Padma P and Paul Dhayabaran
  • Gsm based lpg alert device
    Souvik Paul., Atrayee Chatterjee and Atindra Nag
  • Plasma cell gingivitis of unknown origin: report of a case
    Nallamala Shilpa., Matam Shiva Shanker., Kondamari Sudheerkanth., Guttikonda Venkateswara Rao and Srikanth C
  • Exploring the compositional properties of a potent drug target enzyme udp-3-o-(r-3hydroxymyristoyl)–n-acetylglucosamine deacetylase
    Ayon Pal
  • A study on stock price prediction strategies by means of data mining
    Seung-Hwan Jang
  • Smart learning environment based on semantic web with distributed system based network
    Harendra Kumar Gupta and Vinay Shukla
  • Inversion of uterus
    Rashmi Verma
  • Nutrition education: a boon to overcome malnutrition
    Naik R.M and Minaxi R. Prajapati
  • Sonerila ponmudiana (melastomataceae), a new species from the western ghats of kerala, india
    Deepthikumary K.P and Pandurangan A.G
  • Experimental investigation of performance and emission in ci di single cylinder diesel engine using diesel additives
    Balasubramanian K., Chaithanya Raam and Adithya Venkatesh
  • Human hand tracking using matlab to control arduino based robotic arm
    Abishek S., Dharani Kumar S and Suraj R
  • Research of effects of depressive mood of female high school students on dysmenorrhea
    Seoyoun Kim., Hyojae Kim and Chul Hong Kim
  • Electronic structure calculations on dimethyltin (iv) derivative of glycylphenylalanine
    Sandeep Pokharia
  • A galactomannan from the seeds of hibiscus cannabinus
    Bhartiya H.P Sunil Kumar Rajput and Sikha Yadav
  • Effects of garcinia pedunculata (toikor) fruit powder and natural preservatives on the shelf life of breads
    Mazumdar R M., Al Faik A., Nipa M N., Shazada N E., Das S and Bhuiyan H R
  • Lipid peroxidation, antioxidant enzymes and minerals in patients with chronic renal failure on haemodialysis
    Surekha B. Khedkar and Vijaya A. Haldankar
  • A case of acquired ‘b’ antigen in a patient with adenocarcinoma of colon
    Bhushan M. Warpe and Gaurav V. Salunke
  • Removal of cd (ii) ion from wastewater by adsorption onto nano adsorbent prepared from cucumis melo peel: kinetic modeling and isotherm studies
    Manjuladevi M and Manonmani S
  • Investigation for optimal inhibition efficency against mild-carbon steel corrrsion in 0.1m acidic media using cashew extract
    Olawale O., Akinmoladun A.I., Oyawale F.A and Bello, J.O Neil Phillip
    201 - 205
  • 5g mobile technologies
    Lakshmi I, and DhanaLakshmi G D
  • Study on customer satisfaction in jk tyres limited hyderabad
    Jasmin S K and Veera Sudarsana Reddy R
  • Particle swarm optimization of power quality improvement in micro grid operation
    Rajesh Reddy D and Veera Sudarasana Reddy R
  • Multiplex real-time pcr and blood-culture for diagnosis of sepsis
    Elena Trajkovska-Dokic, Gordana Mircevska, Zaklina Cekovska, Ana Kaftandzieva, Mihajlo Kostovski, Aspazija Sofijanova, Milena Petrovska, and Nikola Panovski
  • Effect of ca × pb intraction on carrot (daucus carota l.)
    Dinesh Mani, Prashant Kumar Singh and Vishv Kumar Mourya
  • A huge cervical fibroid polyp mimiking cancer cervix in young paitent -a case report
    Meenakshi Kumari Mgm Kishanganj Bihar and Krishna Murari Rims Ranchi Jharkhand
    199 - 200