Current Issue

  • Screening of salt tolerant rhizobia from groundnut in tsunami affected coastal region of cuddalore district of tamilnadu
    N. Pandeeswari and S. Kalaiarasu
  • Development and use of an improved cellulolytic strain for the efficient bioconversion of municipal solid waste (msw) into value-added compost
    Lalith Varadhan S and Mohan S
  • Environmental impact assessment of shift in river with the help of geographic information system
    Himani Maheshwari and Umesh Chandra
  • Investing in women to reduce poverty and grow the economy in thetimes of crisis: the specific case of women entrepreneurship in brazil and turkey
    N. Zeynep Ökten and Assunta Cecere
  • What happened to action research? an analysis of publications in the principal spanish journals of education
    Santiago Nieto Martín and María Luisa Sevillano García
  • Prevalence of azospirillum isolates in paddy rhizosphere soils of different locations in cuddalore district, tamil nadu
    John Milton D and Manivannan M
  • Birth weight in women with asherman’s syndrome post hysteroscopic adhesiolysis: case-control study
    Saeed Baradwan., AfnanBaradwan., Muhammad Bashir and Dania Al-Jaroudi
  • A novel validated rp-hplc method for the simultaneous estimation of netupitant and palonosetron in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form
    Kusuma Jogi., Mandava Venkata Basaveswara Rao and Rudraraju Rameshraju
  • An analysis of odd even road rationing scheme in delhi
    Himani Maheshwari and Kamal Jain
  • Impact of mass media in career selection of undergraduate veterinary students of andhra pradesh
    Bharadwaja Krishna, M and Sharma, G.R.K
  • Effects of microbial inoculants and water drought on antioxidant enzymes status in coleus forskohlii
    Sakthivel, U and Karthikeyan, B
  • Synthesis and characterisation of castor oil based polyurethane-methyl methacrylate interpenetrating polymer networks
    Rathika K and Begila David S
  • Zinc can be a local wound healing agent but folic acid?
    Zehra Dilsad COBAN., Orhan FERMANLI., Tarık ABANOZ., Kübra FERMANLI., Sevgi OKUMAN and Sefik GURAN
  • Socioeconomic impacts of adopting new agricultural technology on farmers, in southwest ethiopia
    Gemechu Bekana Fufa
  • Change detection analysis along the coast of ramanathapuram district, tamil nadu, india using geospatial techniques
    Vijay Prabhu, M and Venkateswaran, S
  • Concepts and awareness of al matamma population, towards environmental health threats
    Omar Yousof Mohamed Ali and Abdalla Hasballa Elmanna
  • Knowledge on helmet use by motorcycle riders and passengers in rural rabai sub county in kilifi county –kenya
    Maina R.M., Some E.S., Yugi P and Kariuki J.G
  • Trends in area, production and productivity of onion in maharashtra
    N.K.Kale., Y.C. Sale and Bhosale S.S
  • Veterinary students attitude towards profession and future career choices: a cross sectional study
    Bharadwaja Krishna, M and Sharma, G. R. K
  • In vitro micropropagation of diplocyclos palmatus (l.) c. jeffrey- an endemic medicinal plant
    Rethinam R and Jeyachandran R
  • Studies on the effect of transplanting time of different paddy varieties in relation to climate change
    Patil H.M, Bodke P.S and Patil V.S
  • Demarcation of potential groundwater recharge zones using gis based ahp approach in arjuna watershed, tamilnadu, india
    Venkateswaran S., Anandha Prakash C., Vijay Prabhu M., Prithiviraj G and Kannan R
  • Comparison of animal origin and vegetation origin feed on growth of labeo rohita
    Abdul Ghafoor. JavariaTabussam, Muhammad Muddassar Zafar, Razia Parveen and Hafsa Basharat
  • Extraction &separation of iron (iii) and copper (ii) from immobilization of cation exchanger resin with topo
    Burungale S. H and Mahadik B.E
  • Dna barcoding of selected red algae
    Sangeetha, A, Kavitha, V, Sheeja, L and Lakshmi D
  • Isotherm analysis on the removal of hexavalent chromium using nano adsorbents
    Om Murugan M, Arivoli S and Marimuthu V
  • Comparative analysis of acorus calamus and piper longum extracts on sylepta derogata fabricius (order: lepidoptera)
    Mariselvi S and Manimegalai K
  • A study on the removal of malachite green dye from aqueous solution using activated cyamopsis tetragonoloba nano carbon
    Yamunadevi R., Venkatachalam R., Arivoli S and V Marimuthu
  • Modeling and analysis of temperature distribution and thermal cycles on a 316l stainless steel during laser welding
    Jayanthi A., Venkatramanan K and Suresh Kumar K
  • Problem-based learning in psychiatry: about an essay among medical students in a workshop of mental health
    Bouchra ONEIB, Fatima ELGHAZOUANI, Abderazak OUANASS and Yassamine BENTATA