Current Issue

  • Perception towards nursing profession among first year and final year nursing students
    Chitra Mariyappan., Sasi Vaithilingan and Diego Edwin
  • Assisted reproduction in alligators: physical and morphological characterization of spectacled caiman semen caiman crocodilus linnaeus, 1758
    Assumpção, Teresinha Inês, Santos, André Luiz Quagliatto, Santos, Raísa Brito and Macedo, Gustavo Guerino
  • The swiss ball chair
    Aanchal Sarawgi and Suvarna S. Ganvir
  • Effect of genotypes and nitrogen on grain quality of sorghum (sorghum bicolor l. moench)
    Sory DIALLO and Vara PRASAD
  • Clinical evaluation of role of shirodhara & sadvritta in the management of anidra w.s.r. to insomnia
    Amruta K. Tale., Ankush V. Mankar and Alaknanda Kulkarni
  • Cryopreservation of genetic material collected post-mortem from male gray brocket deer mazama gouazoubira fischer, 1814
    Assumpção, Teresinha Inês and Santos, André Luiz Quagliatto
  • Orthogonal test design to optimize the production of 2,3-butanediol on fermentation medium by klebsiella pneumonia zh-1
    Li Li., Jianguo Xu and Qingping Hu
  • Sarcopenia prevalence in copd patients-comparison among four different criteria
    Tatiana Munhoz da Rocha Lemos Costa, Fabio Marcelo Costa, Carolina Aguiar Moreira, and Victória Zeghbi Cochenski Borba
  • Use of smart phone among diabetes patients- a survey from central india
    Parth Agrawal
  • Mind, metaphor, and science
    Stanley D. Ivie
  • A study of users’ perception of online dating websites
    Phaksornkan Vipobtanaseth and Bahaudin G. Mujtaba
  • Estrous cycle in female mudhol hound dogs-an indigenous breed
    Mahesh S. Dodamani., Krishnaswamy A., Suresh S. Honnappagol., Yathiraj S., Chandrashekarmurthy V., Narayanswamy, M and Sudha, G
  • Antimüllerian hormone as an ovarian reserve marker in postponing pregnancy in women after 37 years old
    Knop, L., Oliveira, DCB and Carvalho, RRA
  • Development and physicochemical characterization of glucosamine and chondroitin granules
    Lester Rojas Quesada., German L Madrigal Redondo., Rolando Vargas Zúñiga and Santiago RodríguezSibaja
  • Security strategies in embedded systems
    Okereke G. E and Oluoha Onyekwere U
  • Design and implementation of “health center management system” for efficiency in hospitals and dispensaries
    Pranav Sharan
  • Financial performance of islamic and conventional banking in pakistan: a comparative study
    Zubair Ahmad., Muhammad Nazam., Asif Maqbool and Adnan Adeel
  • Performance evaluation for wireless network
    Okafor Doris.N and Okereke George .E
  • Survey of aquatic macrophyte diversity of mohabala lake from bhadrawati tahsil of chandrapur district, state maharashtra (india)
    Umakant B .Deshmukh., Eanguwar Srinivas Reddy and Omprakash S. Rathor
  • Clinical symptoms of visceral ischemic syndrome and indications for urgent laparotomy
    Indira Mehmedagić and Mirza Mešić
  • The prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis in awi, akamkpa local government area of cross river state, nigeria
    Akpan S. S and Ejezie, G. C
  • Myxoaid dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans: a rare diagnosis and review of litrature
    Pal Naresh., Griwan M S., Beniwal Meenu and Tayal Nikhil
  • Identification and validation of ssr markers linked to striga gesneroides (willd.) vatke gene race 2 in cowpea |vigna unguiculata (l.) walp] in mali
    Sory Diallo., Nerbéwendé Sawadogo., M. Hamed Ouedraogo., Sidy B COULIBALY., Joseph T Benoit Batieno and Mahamadou Sawadogo
  • Design aspects for optimal tuning of controllers by ai techniques
    Jagadish Pati., Panigrahi C.K and Mandal S.K
  • Security in ad hoc wireless networks
    Douglas Omwenga Nyabuga., Zhao Chen., Guohua Liu and Ting Lu
  • Review of polycystic ovarian diseases
    Shalini Karunanithi., Vijaya Bharathi Rajkishore and Radha Ramalingam
  • A comparative analysis of grid and cloud computing system
    Uchechukwu C. Arinze and George E. Okereke
  • Government laws and legal barriers for e-commerce in the modern cross-cultural workplace
    Shanshan Wu., Florian Forstmann., Pornpat Kiratiyuth., Anusi Chukwuma and Bahaudin G.Mujtaba
  • New approach of investigational new drug application for sponser- investigator in pharmaceutical industry as per fda guidelines
    Shailendra Kumar Verma and Lavika Gandhi
  • Needs and expectations of mentorship programme in medical colleges: view points of some undergraduate medical students
    Padhy Gouri kumari ., D’Cruz Deula Candida., Vinod Ashwin P., Sarnaik Gaurav Shridhar Raghavendra., Nair Anjana S and Makda Mustafa