April 2017

  • Identification and validation of ssr markers linked to striga gesneroides (willd.) vatke gene race 2 in cowpea |vigna unguiculata (l.) walp] in mali
    Sory Diallo., Nerbéwendé Sawadogo., M. Hamed Ouedraogo., Sidy B COULIBALY., Joseph T Benoit Batieno and Mahamadou Sawadogo
  • Design aspects for optimal tuning of controllers by ai techniques
    Jagadish Pati., Panigrahi C.K and Mandal S.K
  • Security in ad hoc wireless networks
    Douglas Omwenga Nyabuga., Zhao Chen., Guohua Liu and Ting Lu
  • Review of polycystic ovarian diseases
    Shalini Karunanithi., Vijaya Bharathi Rajkishore and Radha Ramalingam
  • A comparative analysis of grid and cloud computing system
    Uchechukwu C. Arinze and George E. Okereke
  • Government laws and legal barriers for e-commerce in the modern cross-cultural workplace
    Shanshan Wu., Florian Forstmann., Pornpat Kiratiyuth., Anusi Chukwuma and Bahaudin G.Mujtaba
  • New approach of investigational new drug application for sponser- investigator in pharmaceutical industry as per fda guidelines
    Shailendra Kumar Verma and Lavika Gandhi
  • Needs and expectations of mentorship programme in medical colleges: view points of some undergraduate medical students
    Padhy Gouri kumari ., D’Cruz Deula Candida., Vinod Ashwin P., Sarnaik Gaurav Shridhar Raghavendra., Nair Anjana S and Makda Mustafa