April 2016

  • Design and construction of low-cost raised-bed drainage lysimeter for crop-water relations and hydrological studies
    Ali M. H and Rahman M. A
  • Performance and emission chareceterisitics of ci di diesel engine with re entrant bowl piston
    Balasubramanian K., Abinaya L and Niranjhani Sri M
  • Impact of whatsapp on academic activities of basic and applied science students in college of applied and basic science, madhav university, pindwada
    Rajni Jain and Sujeet Jain
  • Modernization of higher education libraries in j&k: an empirical study of govt college for women nawakadal, srinagar college library
    Asmat Ali and Audil Hussain
  • Triple domination in graphs
    Murugaiyan P., Padma P and Paul Dhayabaran