November 2015

  • Determination of bioactive components of blechnum orientale l. whole plant by using gc-ms analysis
    Manisha Kale and Kanchan Dubal
  • Selection and precised application of prominent parameters of laser beam for material processing
    Jayanthi A and Suresh Kumar K
  • The investigation of bacterial degradation of crude oil by gravimetric analysis
    Nwakanma C and Obih E.C
  • Quantum dots in cancer therapy
    Kanav Midha, Shipra Kalra and Manju Nagpal
  • Economic analysis and carcasses quality naked neck chicken fed foliage shrubs
    A Díaz Castillo, S M Herrera Gallo, T Solís Barros, I Espinosa Guerra, Muñoz Rodríguez G and Romero Romero J
  • Ethanol production from mahua flower (madhuca longifolia) using yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Azra Kamal
  • Effect of concentration of nicl2 on morphology of nio thin films prepared by using spray pyrolysis technique
    Gavale H.S, Wagh M.S, Patil A.M
  • Influence of selected factors on university students’ perception of marriage life at egerton university, njoro campus, kenya
    Omondi W. ALICE and Kamonjo W. Florence