A study of users’ perception of online dating websites

Phaksornkan Vipobtanaseth and Bahaudin G. Mujtaba

Since communications and interactions can be initiated and completed in a few seconds with colleagues and friends across the globe, people are now more connected to each other. The freedom of communication and being connected has created opportunities for online dating. Nowadays, people tend to rely on technology in order to talk to new people and find partners. Users on dating websites can be divided into two main groups as a self-disclosure and self-presentation.
This research followed a quantitative approach which collected data through a questionnaire survey from 200 respondents in Bangkok, Thailand. The research concentrates on the user’s perceptions of online dating websites, influencing factors, advantages and disadvantages, and strategies for future direction along with implications for corporate social responsibility (CSR) are provided.

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International Studies
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Phaksornkan Vipobtanaseth and Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, 2017., A study of users’ perception of online dating websites., International Journal of Current Science and Technology, Vol.5, Issue, 7, pp. 457-466