Studies on the effect of transplanting time of different paddy varieties in relation to climate change

Patil H.M, Bodke P.S and Patil V.S

Agricultural production and productivity of any region is being regulated by the prevailing climate of that area through temperature, rainfall, light intensity, radiation and sunshine duration. Apart from being food rice is intimately involved in the culture as well as economy of Western Ghat Zone. Rice sowing time in Western Ghat Zone starts from last week of May to second week of June and likewise the transplanting starts last week of June to August. End. In mono cropped areas farmers are able to take Climate Smart Agronomy up the rice operations early in the season. However, a substantial area is under a double cropping system and late transplanting becomes inevitable. Mid of June is considered as early and 20th of August is considered as late with definite yield penalties in Western Ghat Zone as a temperate type of climate with abundant sunshine from May to June, However, a drop in temperature during flowering and grain filling stages results in significant yield reductions. Late planted crop becomes more vulnerable to low temperatures at flowering stage. Time of transplanting assumes greater importance owing to shorter growing season of 110-125 days under Western Ghat Zone conditions. Two newly released rice varieties namely Indrayani, and Phule Samrudhi are midlate, one relatively older varieties viz LK 248 which is late and Phule radha is so early and therefore have different maturity durations. Sowing/transplanting dates is the most important non monetary input keeping in view relatively short and the crop is exposed to suboptimal temperatures during. Planting date can have a dramatic effect on crop development and yield. In this backdrop a field evaluation of the diverse varieties under varied transplanting dates was conducted to; evaluate the effect of transplanting time with different varieties on the productivity of rice.

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Patil H.M et al.,2016. Studies on the effect of transplanting time of different paddy varieties in relation to climate change, International Journal of Current Science and Technology, Vol.4, Issue, 9, pp. 268-270