Production of bioethanol from water hyacinth by isolated thermotolerant bacteria

Gunja., Gupta Vipin., Jain Priyanka., Sharma Chandra Kant., Dixit A.K and Jain R.K

Water hyacinth is a lignocellulosic raw material for long-term sustainable production of cellulosic ethanol. Though water hyacinth is considered to be a cause of ecological disorder However due to its inherent chemical composition consisting of higher cellulosic components it may be prove to be a source for lignocellulosic ethanol and other value added products. The present study deal with ethanol production from water hyacinth and was analyzed that 13.45 g/l ethanol was produced and ethanol production efficiency of thermotolerant isolate was 0.85% v/v whereas ethanol yield was found 0.50 at 44⁰C.

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