Effects of microbial inoculants and water drought on antioxidant enzymes status in coleus forskohlii

Sakthivel, U and Karthikeyan, B

Coleus forskohlii (family Lamiaceae) grows perennially in tropical and subtropical regions of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Africa and Brazil. Its roots are the source of a labdane diterpene compound called forskolin having a unique property to stimulate adenylate cyclase. Forskolin is also a potent vasodilatory, anti-hypertensive and inotropic agent. Water drought limits the growth and productivity of crops particularly in arid and semi-arid areas causing the most fatal economic losses in agriculture. Effect of water drought and microbial inoculants on antioxidant status and chlorophyll content were studied in Coleus forskohlii plant. The pot experiment was conducted at the pot culture yard, Department of Microbiology, Annamalai University during the period of October-December, 2013. The experiment laid out the completely randomized block design with three replications. Three levels of water drought WD1-70 (control), WD2- 50 and WD3- 30% of the pot capacity (PC) as main pots and five types of treatments such as, T1- Azospirillum lipoferum (CFAzs-3), T2- Pseudomonas fluorescens (CFPf-18), T3- Bacillus megaterium (CFPb-16), T4- Consortium of three bacterial species (CFAzs-3+ CFPf-18+ CFPb-16) and T5- Control (without use of bacterial) as sub pots. The results revealed that water stress caused a significant change in the antioxidant activity. The highest concentration CAT and GPX activity were in WD3 treatments. By increasing water stress from control to WD3, chlorophyll content in leaves was increased. Among the five treatments, the consortium treatment (T4) recorded the highest GPX and APX activity and chlorophyll content in leaves under water stress in Coleus forskohlii plant when compared with other treatments.

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Sakthivel, U and Karthikeyan, B, 2016. Effects of microbial inoculants and water drought on antioxidant enzymes status in coleus forskohlii. International Journal of Current Science and Technology. Vol.4, Issue, 12, pp. 306-311