Effect of ciprofloxacin on certain biochemical parameters in the testis of albino rats

Arunanbalahan, C., Balamurugan, K and Vanithakumari, G

The healthy adult male albino rats weighed and they were fed with a standard balanced diet and clean drinking water was made available adlibitum. The drug ciprofloxacin hydrochloride T.P was used for the animals and divided into four groups of 5 animals each and received of treatment. After 24 hrs of last oral dose schedule, the animals were sacrificed by decapitation. The removed testes washed in 0.9% saline, freed from the adhering connective tissue mass and blotted on a filter paper. The organ was weighed and stored at 4°C until used for further biochemical analysis such as protein, 3b-OHSD and 17b-OHSD. The NSAID – ciprofloxacin brought about a drastic reduction in testicular proteins. The drug with drawl proved to be ineffective in stopping the reduction in protein concentration induced by the drug. Supplementation with vitamins A, C & E similated the drug withdrawl effect, was showing the need for either a higher dose of the vitamins for expressing their restorative effect or a longer requirement for vitamin supplementations

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