Demarcation of potential groundwater recharge zones using gis based ahp approach in arjuna watershed, tamilnadu, india

Venkateswaran S., Anandha Prakash C., Vijay Prabhu M., Prithiviraj G and Kannan R

The lack of fresh groundwater resource has swept us into the world wide problem. Hence, understanding the suitable methods towards groundwater recharge is a prerequisite for sustainable groundwater resource development and management in the hard rock aquifer. The sustainable development of groundwater requires precise quantitative assessment based on reasonably valid scientific principles helpful to sustainable development. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, designed is involved in Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Analysis, relying on the opinions of experts to derive priority scales. The study area lies between latitudes from 9025’0’’N to 90 45’ 0’’N and longitudes from 770 25’ 0’’E to 770 55’ 0’’E., constituting an area of about 650 km2 and consists of granite and quartz vein as primary rock types. The present research has applied a methodology integrating AHP, Geographical Information System (GIS), and remote sensing techniques to identify potential groundwater recharge zones. Totally eight thematic layers such as slope percent, drainage density, lineament density, rainfall, runoff, geology, geomorphology, and soil, influencing potential groundwater recharge zones have been prepared with the help of Arc GIS 9.3. These thematic layers have been used as parameters in pairwise comparison matrix analysis to derive priority vector of thematic layers. Weighted Overlay Analysis tool in Arc GIS has been used to integrate the thematic layers based on the priority values and the potential groundwater recharge zone map has been prepared to delineate and classify potential groundwater recharge zones into very low, low, moderate, high, and very high classes.

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Venkateswaran al.,2016.Demarcation of potential groundwater recharge zones using gis based ahp approach in arjuna watershed, tamilnadu, india.International Journal of Current Science and Technology.Vol.4, Issue, 8, pp. 248-259.