Comparison of animal origin and vegetation origin feed on growth of labeo rohita

Abdul Ghafoor. JavariaTabussam, Muhammad Muddassar Zafar, Razia Parveen and Hafsa Basharat

In the last decade the increasing demand, price and world supply fluctuations of fish meal has emphasized the need to look for alternative protein sources in aqua feeds. Much attention has been focused on plant proteins (PP).The present experiment was planned to sort out the low cost, but effective ways of feeding fishes in semi-intensive farming system. In this study, the substitution of animal protein (fish meal) with plant protein (soya meal) was fed to Labeorohita. A total of 12 fish samples, were stocked in all the aquariums. Some important physico-chemical parameters of water viz., temperature, pH, light penetration, dissolved oxygen, total alkalinity, bicarbonates, total hardness, carbonates, calcium, total solids, magnesium, total dissolved solids and planktonic biomass were checked during the whole experimental period to keep them in normal range for better fish growth. A control fish diet for T1 was formulated having 25% crude protein using plant based protein include soybean, rice polish and wheat bran. Experimental fish diets for T2, T3, and T4 were formulated by replacing soybean with cow liver from controlled diet at 30, 35 and 40% levels, respectively. The growth parameters monitored for L. rohita under the given experimental conditions were the gain in average body weight, average body length, condition factor and total fish production. After the experiment the growth of fish was analyzed by standard methods. Results showed that highest growth was obtained from T4where plant based protein (soybean, rice polish and wheat bran) replaced with animal protein (cow liver) feed was provided at 40% level, followed by the T3where plant based protein replaced with animal protein cow liver 35% level, T2 when soyabean substituted by cow liver at 30% level and lowest was found in T1where animal based proteins was replaced with plant based protein 25% level.

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Abdul Ghafoor et al.,2016 Comparison of animal origin and vegetation origin feed on growth of labeo rohita. International Journal of Current Science and Technology. Vol.4, Issue, 8, pp. 240-244.